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Can I transfer my customer history from another PMS to RoomRack Hospitality?
We made sure to provide a fast procedure for the transfer of data from another hotel program. There are predesigned lists with the necessary fields that help with the complete transfer of your reservations, customers, offices, companies, financial data, etc. For more demanding procedures you can simply download the information in an excel file.
Is there a built-in channel manager within RoomRack or can it work with third-party providers?

With RoomRack Cloud PMS you can have a built-in channel manager and manage rates and availability on the channels in real time. This allows for immediate and cost-effective exchange of information within our system.
If, however, you wish to connect a provider, at our marketplace you will find the integrations we have already implemented. If you do not find the channel manager you are working with, we can implement the integration with the provider of your choice (at an additional cost).

Are online reservations automatically added on my plan?

Online bookings that come either from your website or from any connected channel via Channel manager, are automatically added on the PMS and stored. This information is stored either in the room type of the reservation, or in the first available room in the system (if the corresponding room type is not available). Cloud Pms then sends you a notification or email, and you can make changes or transfer in the plan of that reservation.
The bookings you will add manually are only those made over the phone or via email, i.e., ‘offline’ bookings.

Can I apply or differentiate the same fee schedule across multiple channels at the same time?
Of course! When editing the room price, you can select the sources to which you want to apply this fee schedule in the “Source” field. If you would like to display the fee schedule on OTA systems, simply select “Channel Manager” here.
Can I use RoomRack PMS without connecting it to a channel manager?
Yes, of course you can. The software is also provided without the integration with third party systems. You can choose whether and how (One Way or Two Way) to connect the channel manager or the booking engine you use.
Does RoomRack have a direct connection to the IAPR so that I can issue invoices?
Get rid of all the time-consuming, handwritten processes when invoicing. RoomRack Cloud PMS, following the legislation, is connected directly to the IAPR and the myDATA platform.
What kind of invoices can I issue?
RoomRack supports any document a hotel needs to issue: receipts, invoices, overnight stay tax forms, refund receipts, credit receipts. In addition, you impress hotel guests with your professional invoices. We create the theme of the invoices based on your logo and thus incorporate your accommodation’s branding.
Can I connect the POS system I already use in my departments?
Yes, you can. We have created special fields for connecting to third party systems, automatically transferring all the charges you want to enter. Take a look at the integrated systems at our Marketplace and in case you do not find the one you use, contact us at the details bellow so that we can start new integration procedures.
Does RoomRack provide support for its customers?

Yes, of course we do. If you have questions or problems, you can always send us your question directly through your RoomRack account or write to our support team at support@roomrack.gr. Our support and customer service team will be happy to help. Keep in mind that all requests are processed within a day for weekdays and weekends, while you can have a premium 24/7 phone call package.

What languages are available in RoomRack PMS?
Abouthotelier’s PMS, Room Rack Cloud, is available in 2 languages: English and Greek.
Is my customer data secure?
Your data is secure with RoomRack Hospitality 24h. We use standard security measures with the solution offered by Amazon, as a pioneer in the field, offering huge advantages in data storage, management and analysis.
What is the biggest benefit of using a Cloud PMS?
There are many, many benefits to using RoomRack Hospitality. The simplest benefit is the All-1-one solution for managing and organizing your accommodation from 1 system without the use of multiple ones, such as third-party providers and other partnerships. It also allows you to organize your clientele’s data with advanced state-of-the-art technology and with capabilities that are not available in other systems. With RoomRack Cloud PMS, your bookings, schedules, guest notes, reports, online payments, and more are on a single platform accessible from anywhere.

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