Add your offline reservations on RoomRack Cloud PMS in 3 steps.

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Organizing and coordinating offline and online reservations is easier than ever. Now, using a complete graphic plan, the Front Office works better and the owner has direct access to all the necessary information.


Thanks to Channel Manager integrations, all your online bookings automatically appear in your room plan.


Being aware of online bookings at a glance makes it easier to manage an offline booking request and avoid the risk of overbooking.


With a 2-way connection, automatically update channels to reduce availability after adding an offline reservation to the system.

Clear visualization of the condition of the rooms. Finding availability and locating free, clean rooms is faster than ever.

At the notifications box of the platform, you can look for any updates of your online reservations. The room plan follows these updates. This way, in case of a cancellation for example, you are notified directly so that you know that you can use the room.

Management becomes as easy as a game. Search for rooms with animation and drag & drop to redistribute people between rooms.

The Future of Hotel PMS

Complete features for flexibility in booking management

The flexible operation design of the ultra-friendly PMS allows you to add bookings with a simple drag & drop onto a graphical representation of your unit and quickly retrieve information about your customers’ accounts, booking history, if any, customer profile notes or booking notes.

When it comes to transferring your customer history from your current management system, this is easily done by exporting and importing an excel file. 

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Hotel Proposals

With RoomRack, reservations are reviewed and processed within seconds.

Price List Management

Issue invoices for your bookings, with automatic calculations of VAT and residence tax.

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