RoomRack Task Calendar

A calendar that does all the work for you.

RoomRack Calendar is a powerful, free service that you can use to organize your schedule and coordinate your events. It has many useful features, such as the ability to share calendars with other users and easily switch between them.

Each item in the calendar is an event. To create an event, click on an empty space within the calendar. A small dialog box will appear to enter basic information about the event. Click the Save button to complete the event and enter more details. 


Create Tasks

Create tasks and sort them in order of priority. Get notified with a pop-up window at the time you specify.


Updates on Free Cancellation Expiration Dates

Easily see on the calendar exactly when the free cancellation deadline expires – as well as the charge for your guest.

Add Events

Add on the calendar events held in your city and track how they affect your occupancy.

Organize Conferences

Organize Conferences

Add on the multi-calendar upcoming conferences/seminars that will be held in your hotel’s Banquet room. Use task management to prioritize your unfinished tasks.

Track Events

Track Events

Add on your calendar exhibitions/concerts/anything that happens in the wider area. Get notified when their date is coming up and edit your prices. Analyze your occupancy during this period and enrich your marketing strategy.